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Soviet soldier with a captured M16 SovietAfghan War t
Soviet soldier with a captured M16. Soviet-Afghan War. Pin by Paolo Marzioli
Soviet soldier showing off his war trophy.
Afghanistan. Soviet officer with M16 captured from mujahideen.
Soviet Snipers during war in Afghanistan | Afghanistan war (USSR) | Afghanistan, Afghanistan War, Soviet union
Soviet war in Afghanistan: Three Soviet soldiers. Photos taken by conscripts time and again
Soviet VDV air assault force in Afghanistan, Soviet-Afghan War Infantry Marines, Tank
Soviet soldier with new Bonfire grenade-launcher. For many young Soviets, Afghanistan promised the glamour of a foreign war but the reality was usually ...
RIAN_archive_476785_Soviet_Army_soldiers ...
Soviet troops in ambush, Afghanistan, pin by Paolo Marzioli | Soviet War in Afghanistan (1979-1989) | Pinterest | Afghanistan, Afghanistan War and Troops
soviet afghan war uniform - Google Search
The M16 is indeed captured. I heard they were used by Pakistani SSG but I don't know if there is any truth to that.
Afghan Mujahideen fighters with a captured Russian T62 tank- Soviet-Afghan War
Army Training, Soviet Army, Cold War, Afghanistan, Military History, Troops,
Spetsnaz - Afghanistan, pin by Paolo Marzioli Soviet Army, Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact
A Soviet soldier in Afghanistan with a captured M16 supplied by the US to the mujahideen.
U.S. Army soldiers use a smaller, lighter variant of the M16, called the M4
Soviet 'military experts': The Bigfoot sightings of the Vietnam War
A Soviet soldier in Afghanistan with a captured M16 supplied by the US to the mujahideen.
Ukraine MoD
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Soviet T-62 Main Battle Tanks clearing a mountain pass of Afghan Mujahideen fighters, Soviet-Afghan War
(South Vietnamese infantry pose on a captured North Vietnamese Type 59; the Chinese copy of the Soviet T-54/55. North Vietnam used both types, ...
File 145096476985.jpg - (201.01KB , 1200x807 , Russian troops in Afghanistan ...
Soviet paratrooper in Afghanistan
File 138527073126.jpg ...
'Kalashnikov Has Never Let Us Down': Afghans Go For Russian Arms
A U.S. Army soldier with an M16 variant called the M4 in Afghanistan.
An Afghan soldier escorts a Taliban militant who was arrested by security forces in Jalalabad this
US Army
A Soviet soldier in Afghanistan with a captured M16 supplied by the US to the mujahideen.
Ukrainian troops use surplus Soviet weapons on the front lines in eastern Ukraine.
Afghan Army soldiers in the 1950s
British soldiers inspecting a Soviet T-26, 31 August 1941
Joe Raedle/Getty Images
For example, Both North and South Yemen received AK's, even though one was a client state of the West and one of the Soviets!
A Soviet soldier in Afghanistan with a captured M16 supplied by the US to the mujahideen.
John Schmidt, 38, instructs Afghan national army soldiers at Kabul Military Training Center on the functions of their new M-16s March 2.
It is estimated that the decade-long war cost the Soviet Union 15,000 lives — not to mention those of an estimated one million Afghan civilians.
T-62 · T62 Afghanistan.JPG
This is the Soviet soldier found alive 30 years after dying in Afghanistan
Desant is frowned upon in the US military but was very common and accepted in communist armies. The soldiers are wearing Soviet ...
The Overweight Infantryman
Ukraine MoD
Brad Pitt plays the commander of a five-man crew in a U.S. Sherman tank
(Not a WWII vehicle but still interesting, this Soviet-made 1960s-vintage BRDM-2 armored car was captured in combat by US Marines and pressed into service ...
Egyptian Marines ...
Weapons captured by Afghan National Security Forces and Australian Special Forces from the Special Operations Task
ANA soldier patrols in Arghandab valley near Kandahar
The Hidden Hands Soviet-Afghan War 1979-89, U.S Policy, and External Actors
(From a Russian book on the Vietnam War, this artwork shows a T-34 in the red-blue-yellow colors of the Viet Cong. This may be the artist's imagination, ...
Russian Special Forces 2017 | HD 1080p | Spetsnaz in Syria
The AK-47, M-16, M240, the PK and QBZ-95 Assault Rifle: 5 Most Deadly Guns of War
... 2747215_original.jpg. 5) And Soviet Belt System
A Romanian sub-officer with a PM md. 65
... a Brigade Senior Intelligence Officer (S2) for a Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Alaska. While serving over 20 years in the National Guard, Army Reserve, ...
File 137468878772.jpg ...
Soviet-backed Afghan troops in 1988.
Michael Pillsbury, now a Pentagon consultant, with anti-Soviet Afghan commanders during one
File 138527093641.jpg ...
The Vietnam war was the first major conflict where both sides used intermediate power automatic rifles (“Assault Rifles”), such as the Soviet Kalashnikov AK ...
Russian troops holding Kalashnikovs during a parade rehearsal near Moscow in April 2009. Oxana Onipko/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
A Soviet soldier in Afghanistan with a captured M16 supplied by the US to the mujahideen.
RIAN_archive_476785_Soviet_Army_soldiers main_1200.jpg?1420498649 ...
The M4 is a lighter version of the M16, which killed so many of the soldiers who carried it in Vietnam.
Afghan men play cricket on a field covered in snow on the outskirts of Kabul,
(A North Vietnamese T-54/55 leads two T-34s during a training exercise in the 1970s.)
The Soviets and the 5.45×39: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery
marine corps m27 rifle
(The inside of a Vietnamese T-34, showing the sightpiece and breech of the 85mm main gun. Vietnam typically retained the standard Soviet color schemes.)
Inside the AK-74
(After East Germany remilitarized, the Soviets supplied it with captured Wehrmacht arms, like the StG-44 and 98ks these motorcycle troops are posing with.
German soilder using captured russian army's ppsh during battle of stalingrad.
H.R. McMaster and Valery Gerasimov have never met, but the careers of the two generals have moved in parallel since the Cold War.
(A 98k rifle captured by an American soldier in Vietnam and legally imported to the USA. This weapon has a Soviet army canvas sling replacing the WWII ...
Belarus, Gomel. May 9, 2018. Victory Day. Historical reconstruction in 1945
No longer satisfied with crude roadside bombs, ISIS is doing something unprecedented for a jihadist group: designing and mass-producing its own advanced ...
Afghan infantry soldier in 1890
Why is this guy hugging a crapper tank?
Another captured M16 A Soviet soldier in Afghanistan ...
-In service: 1985–Present -Used by: Imperial Guard, Imperial Marine Corps -Wars: Second Soviet Crusade, Persian Gulf War, War for the British Isles, War in ...
Boris Gromov, commander of Soviet forces in Afghanistan, told reporters, "There is not a single Soviet soldier or officer left behind me." He was wrong.
AKMS with a 30-round "bakelite" magazine. Despite their name, the magazines are actually made of fiberglass and resin along with steel reinforcements.