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Aaron Yan is not only considered the king of Taiwanese romantic comedies, but he is also a singer. He used to be a member of the popular boy band Fahrenheit ...
Aaron Yan
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Ok Ok I know Aaron Yan isn't Korean but he's too cute not to pin this so yeah
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Aaron Yan Disappointed that Taiwanese Voters Reject Same-Sex Marriage
Aaron Yan
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Aaron Yan (Le conoci en Just you)
I know he isn't Korean but Aaron Yan is Taiwanese and I'm
A source anything about Aaron Yan aka Yan Ya Lun. He is Taiwanese singer and actor former members.
Top 10 Most Handsome Taiwanese Actors
Aaron Yan
Aaron Yan
Aaron Yan in Refresh Man ❤
Aaron Yan
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Aaron Yan Opens Up on Depression After SHINee Member's Death
Aaron Yan....Taiwanese K Dramas - really liked him in Gloomy Salad Days- very different drama
Aaron Yan was born on November 1985 in Taipei, Taiwan as Keng-Lin Wu. He is an actor, known for Fall in Love with Me Refresh Man and Alice in Wonder City
... ♥♥♥♥. Fall in Love With Me - Aaron Yan ...
Fav Taiwan couple n Taiwanese drama - refresh man 2016
Aaron yan (Taiwanese)
Calvin Chen
Taiwanese pop group Fahrenheit's Aaron Yan and Dream Girls Tia Li attended a celebration party for their TV drama "Fall in Love With Me" with co-stars in ...
Aaron Yan hits the overseas market; predicted to earn around 10 million NTD from his first movie Ever since departing 'Fahrenheit' and going on to do his ...
Aaron Yan getting his hair done! Lee Hyun, Aaron Yan, Taiwan, Korean
After Fahrenheit broke up in 2011, Yan went on to a successful solo music career while also increasingly branching into acting, starring in the 2016 ...
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7 Of The Hottest Chinese And Taiwanese Actors You Need To Know
7 Up-And-Coming Taiwanese And Chinese Actors Of 2017 To Keep On Your
Aaron Yan
27 Jul - Taiwanese singer Aaron Yan is one of the stars who have been romantically linked with both men and women, from Emma Wu, Puff Guo, to former Channel ...
aaron yan and kim so eun movie
Aaron Yan ❤The Real Life (UPDATED) - Lifestyle, Girlfriend, Wife, House, Family, Car, Age, Song, PET
Wu Zun Says Everyone is Overthinking into Aaron Yan in Love with Jiro Wang
The two best looking members (E/N: in my opinion), Wu Zun (吳尊) and Aaron Yan (炎亞綸), of now disbanded Taiwanese idol group, Fahrenheit, reunited at last ...
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Taiwan's Fahrenheit is better looking (ZE:A Pt 5)
Aaron Yan doesn't wear eyeliner — he's just naturally good-looking. Photo
Aaron Yan has apologised for causing trouble for his friends and manager after an ex-boyfriend accused him of cheating. (Photo: Getty Images)
The Deets on “Refresh Man” Star Aaron Yan
Aaron Yan (Taiwan) speaks about Drama & Cut albums plus Fall In Love With Me
Born in 1987, Chen Xiao is the first Chinese actor to make it on this list. He received his first notable roles in 2010, but it wasn't until 2013 that he ...
Previously, Yan, who got his start as a member of the Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit in ...
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Aaron Yan. Hottest Taiwanese Actors
The youngest entry on this list is Li Hong Yi, who was born in 1998! He was a trainee at SM Entertainment for a short stint of time before he decided to ...
I feel so so bad for TW actor-singer Aaron Yan because having his personal life plastered all over the tabloids because of a jealous ex is the worst kind of ...
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A woman holds a postcard in front of a red background. Bunyisa Phanatnok holds pictures of Cantopop star and actor Aaron Yan.
Aaron Yan, the youngest member of Taiwanese boy-band Fahrenheit, will also perform
Aaron Yan
Although they look very different now, this is how they looked when I first discovered them. So cute! From left to right: Wu Chun, Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang, ...
For those who don't follow any Chinese or Taiwanese entertainment, Jiro Wang is a Taiwanese singer and actor, most famous for being in the Taiwanese boy ...
Local and international fans have been hooked on watching Taiwanese dramas. In their journey to Mandapop and its entertainment industry, they've meet the ...
... one deserves to be outed by a vengeful ex, even if Aaron cheated that's between them and his sexual orientation which Aaron has never confirmed should ...
Intimate Pictures of Aaron Yan with Male Partners Released, Accused of Dating Three Men at the Same Time
I was going to just do a blog about Bii but I decided to add Aaron Yan because he's the reason why I listen to Bii. I will introduce them both separately
Early this year, G.NA performed a duet song with Taiwanese singer-actor and Fahrenheit's member Aaron Yan, for a Taiwanese drama 'Fall in Love With Me'.
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Aaron Yan Glad to Be Free of Fahrenheit
Where I Belong starts off like Aaron hasn't been out of the music game for a bit. There's not really much here that's different from his other releases.
Kris Wu
It's the year of Aaron Yan in Taiwanese entertainment and we are all living with him just living it up. Since starring in the Friday night drama Just You ...
For those who don't follow any Chinese or Taiwanese entertainment, Jiro Wang is a Taiwanese singer and actor, most famous for being in the Taiwanese boy ...
Is it a must-watch, pretty good, just another drama, tolerable or downright boring?
On June 13, 2011, Aaron Yan ...
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Aaron Yan is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer, commercial model and actor.
Wu Zun and Aaron Yan Finally Reunited Years After Fahrenheit Disbanded | 三八姐姐
Rumored to have broken up with Ah Ben, Aaron Yan feels helpless towards rumor
Aaron Yan. Image via Instagram / @aayan1120
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Hottest Taiwanese Actors
Aaron Kwok
Probably the actor with the most global recognition of these eight would be Chen Bolin! He has appeared in Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Korean ...
Aaron Yan, birth name Wu Geng Lin, is a Taiwanese male singer, actor and is the youngest member of the Taiwanese boy band “Fahrenheit.
... one deserves to be outed by a vengeful ex, even if Aaron cheated that's between them and his sexual orientation which Aaron has never confirmed should ...
Favourite Asian Drama Actors and Actresses
I am more and more impressed (and in love) with Aaron Yan as an actor. In last week's episode 10, he had to make a life-changing decision to embrace his ...
Hottest Taiwanese Actors
This is a cute drama that explores the life of an angel who becomes human after saving a boy's life. She is now then force to attend school as a teenager ...
Aaron Yan Kim So Eun